Linden O'Ryan Gallery

Thomaston, Maine


As a small child into my thirties, I embraced and studied cultures from around the world, traveling extensively, as well as living six years overseas. I attended school to be an elementary school teacher and taught for four years.

 After breathing the air of Maine in 1985, I settled to raise three children who have been my teachers of life, adding bounty and balance to my experiences. Through the long illness and death of my middle child, my life lessons revealed and expanded my human existence. This challenged me to find deep joy within the deep sorrow, both for myself and for those around me. Beliefs in nature, Reiki, and Buddhism influence my presence and work, as I dance through this life.

 I began creating art in 1985, and as my artistic expression grew, my mediums changed. I set out with weaving and moved to collages before settling on watercolors. In 1997, I started my art business, evolving it into my work of today.

My larger watercolors which I started to paint in 2008 involve nature and my passion for movement and color;  the feelings range from magical and whimsical, to spiritual and reverent in relationship to the human condition.  I also make card sized watercolors with original inspirational sayings from life’s experiences.

In 2014 I have moved to 88 Maurice Avenue, Thomaston, Maine. There I have a studio open by appointment only, as well as having my work in the stores and galleries listed on my contact page.